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Meeting Affiliate Expectations and Keeping both sides happy.

When starting I.S.A Worldwide (previously IQ Boston) I quickly realized we have to give what we expect. Learned it even more when I decided to start Farm-out jobs on a nationwide level.

We came up with a few key points what I expect and what I project as a company.

In an affiliate relationship expectations may include the following:

Professional and timely communication: The limo company should respond promptly to inquiries or issues related to the affiliate partnership.

Reliable and high-quality service: The limo company should provide consistent, safe, and comfortable transportation for customers, as well as meet any specific requirements agreed upon in the affiliate agreement.

Clear and transparent pricing: The limo company should provide clear and transparent pricing information to the affiliate and any applicable discounts or promotions.

Marketing and promotion support: The limo company should work with the affiliate to develop and execute effective marketing and promotional strategies to promote the partnership and drive business.

Regular reporting and performance tracking: The limo company should provide regular reports and performance tracking to the affiliate to measure the partnership's success and make any necessary adjustments.

Payment and commission: The limo company should pay the affiliate a commission for each booking that comes through the affiliate. The affiliate agreement should clearly outline the commission rate and payment schedule.

Respect of Branding: The limo company should respect the affiliate's branding and not use its brand name or logos without permission.

Overall, both parties should work together to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership and meet the expectations of both companies and customers.

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